The Brook Community Garden

Given current situation COVID-19, unfortunately all our Brook Community Garden working bees and committee meetings will be suspended indefinitely.

A small group of individual volunteers will continue upkeep of garden and compost bins, but we want to avoid having groups of people on-site as per current government guidance.

We’ll keep you updated on when we will resume.

Please keep safe!

The Brook Community Garden were officially launched on Sunday 22nd July, 2018 and is usually keen for volunteers to help set up this community space!

Photo by Kate Langmead


  • A big THANK YOU to Charlie’s Plumbing and Gas Solutions for doing gutter modifications for garden free of charge. We will be able to start collecting rain water in no time! (March 6, 2020)
  • Thanks to everyone who helped weed pumpkins this morning! We have a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins… ok it might be a kids’ wheelbarrow but it’s a start (February 23, 2020)
  • wicking bedsWe had a great morning filling wicking beds. Wicking beds draw up water as needed from a reservoir below – a great water wise option for our hot climate! We only got about halfway through today, so would love your help finishing job next Sunday. (February 16, 2020)