Our history

Our network’s origins

The Kedron Brook Catchment Network grew out of an interest in preserving and rehabilitating remnant habitat and parkways associated Kedron Brook.

This interest has a long history in catchment. The Grange Forest Park Bushcare group was established in 1984 and is oldest in Brisbane. Over following ten years people realised value of Brook and its surrounding parklands and bush.  A number of other groups were established.

By mid 1990s it was realised that proper management of whole catchment was required. The efforts of community, Brisbane City Council and Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland saw a new way of doing things was emerging.

Catchment management develops

The launch of Brisbane City Council’s Habitat Brisbane Program encouraged and supported efforts of Bushcare and other community groups to look after and regenerate catchment’s public land. The number and range of people involved grew rapidly.

At this time, several other organisations, particularly Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (who had a number of members in catchment) initiated a study into fauna of catchment. They also assisted other activities in catchment. Several frog habitat sites were established.

By 2000 there were 37 regeneration sites in catchment.

A Bushcare coordination position develops a network

Application was made for funds for a position to help organise and facilitate catchment activities along Brook including bushcare groups, schools, businesses and others.

This project was jointly funded in 2001 by The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Coastcare and Brisbane City Council. The position was filled by Ms Tina McLaren.

Getting network underway

The bush coordination position resulted in a number of activities, forming basis of network:

  • number of bushcare groups in BCC’s Habitat Brisbane Bushcare Program increased from six to thirteen. Three existing groups not in program joined in, three new groups started and joined program, and one non-active group (Zion Hill Bushcare Group) was revamped and joined.
  • bushcare groups were organized into a network, increasing communication and coordination
  • eco-tours of Brook were organised for volunteers. These were highly informative, fun and facilitated communications
  • a newsletter was developed and published called The Kedron Brook Babbler
  • a brochure was developed and sent to Real Estate agents along Kedron Brook aimed at new householders. The brochure encouraged participation in protecting and restoring areas of environmental and recreational value
  • a list of business along Kedron Brook was compiled for developing future sponsorship opportunities
  • media releases were distributed and displays for public events developed. These included events such as National Tree Day, Riverclean, World Environment Day
  • work School Groups assisted in raising awareness of environment of Kedron Brook and its importance to Moreton Bay.

Kedron Brook Fauna Habitat Study

A detailed study of Kedron Brook fauna habitat was funded by Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland. Dr. Seonaid Melville, an environmental consultant and Kedron Brook resident undertook study. The progress of this study was closely associated development of Network.

Dr. Melville worked Bushcare groups along Kedron Brook to undertake fauna habitat assessments. These involved identifying key fauna present and their habitat requirements. Suggestions for future plantings and fauna management strategies were made. The study highlighted key conservation areas in catchment.

You can download full report from our References Section.

Inaugural network meeting

The Kedron Brook Coordinator, Tina McLaren, developed network to carry on her work when her temporary position expired. An inaugural Kedron Brook Catchment Network (KBCN) meeting was held in August 2001.

A working group was formed to draft roles and objectives of Network and to explore future funding options. The working group expanded Networks aims and objectives to cover all individuals and groups and interest in Kedron Brook and its environs.

At a well attended public meeting on 30 April 2002, it was decided that a Kedron Brook Catchment Branch of WPSQ be formed.
People at meeting were from Bushcare Groups, local councils (Brisbane City Council and Pine Rivers Shire Council), existing members of WPSQ and interested individuals.
Strong support was shown to establish Branch under auspices of Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland which had a long association Brook.
The Branch was to have a broad charter but its initial focus was to continue work of existing Kedron Brook Catchment Network. Formation of an incorporated association meant that KBCB could apply for and manage funds, manage and provide insurance cover for ‘whole-of catchment’ type projects.
An interim committee consisting of members of informal steering group was elected. These people included Philip Rowland as President, Helen Moriarty as Secretary and Donald Hopkins as Treasurer.

Our networks aims and objectives

The objective of KBCN is to act as a facilitator and provide a communications network for various community groups and interests involved managing Brook’s environment. The aims of our network reflect this focus.

KBCN web site project

The website project was undertaken as a means of implementing some of aims and objectives of our network. An application for funding was made to Brisbane City Council’s Online Business and Community Project.

Funding was approved in February 2002 and site launched in following July.

Find out More about History of Website Project.

KBCN Sets up a formal structure:

The Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld

The website grant offer precipitated a need for formal management and financial structures.

The Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld (who already offered their support for group) invited us to join their organisation. The Kedron Brook Catchment Branch of WPSQ was formed to undertake management activities of network. WPSQ support their branches to become individually incorporated. We have achieved this aim and have ABN number of 67 730 668 521.