Benelong Bushcare Group

The Benelong Bushcare Group is a Brisbane City Council Habitat Brisbane Group and takes pride in improving remnant forest adjacent to Mercer Park on Brisbane’s northside at eastern end of Eleventh Avenue, Wavell Heights.

This group is working in a remnant patch of bushland along a tributary of Kedron Brook at Wavell Heights. This small area of Eucalypt Woodland is quite diverse in native grasses, herbs and shrubs and has a long history of community involvement. The group are working to rehabilitate woodland and waterway to create and enhance habitat for wildlife including a large number of ground dwelling birds. Activities they undertake include weeding, planting, seed collection and plant propagation. New members are very welcome.

A circuitous path used by walkers and cyclists winds through remnant eucalypt forest, restoration work, cleared weed patches and plantings. There are other areas tucked away from path, including revegetation of a small rivulet that runs down through park, a natural environment for frogs and water birds, especially after rain.

Small sections of bushcare site are mapped as high value regrowth and three main vegetation communities are mapped as:

  • 12.3.11 (of concern) – open forest; Eucalyptus tereticornis +/- Eucalyptus siderophloia, Corymbia intermedia open forest on alluvial plains usually near coast
  • 12.9-10.17 (least concern) – open forest; Eucalyptus acmenoides, E. major, E. siderophloia +/- Corymbia citriodora subsp. variegata open forest on sedimentary rocks
  • 12.3.16 (endangered) – closed forest; Complex notophyll to microphyll vine forest on alluvial plains.
Regional Ecosystem Map from QGlobe

The group has created a vibrant area now home to frogs, tawny frogmouths, many birds, possums and other wildlife while reducing erosion and improving health of Kedron Brook.

Brush-tail Possum using a termite mount as a home!

The group started in 1990. With David O’Gorman as coordinator members began restoration work help of students from local schools and scouting groups. In September 2003 Michael Wilson took over as bushcare leader. In 2013 Michael handed group over to Denise Rivers who passed it on to Rob Lucas. Sadly, Denise actively helped out until her passing in 2018.

Benelong Park was a rubbish dump until area was developed for housing in 1950s. This quiet section of bush now sits beside popular community facilities such as Mercer Park, Shaw Estate Family Hub, Alan Pettigrew Oval located in National Cricket Campus at Shaw Park, Shaw Park Tennis Centre and busy Kedron Brook bikeway.

For more information on how to be involved in Benelong Bushcare Group please contact Rob Lucas on 07 3403 8888 during business hours.