Upper Primary School Environmental Education Program

In past years, Kedron Brook Catchment Branch of Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland prepared an educational program on catchments and ecological monitoring. The program was tailored to schools in water catchment of Kedron Brook and was first introduced to some schools in 2007. An experienced educator and a biologist prepared two hour hands-on environmental science program.

The classroom component was facilitated either by (then) Kedron Brook Creek Ranger, a KBCB educator, or teacher, while outdoor activities are facilitated by educators experience in waterway monitoring. Go to our webpage on education in our projects section for more information.

School Resources

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Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) Remember that although most of Kedron Brook is in Brisbane City Council (BCC) area, this council controls and nurtures a significant portion in upper reaches of stream. Their website has particularly useful information in their ‘Environment’ section.

Men of Trees (QLD) Inc (MOTT) is a non profit, non political, international society dedicated to fostering a tree sense, and planting, maintenance and protection of trees. The organisation works in both BCC and MBRC areas and in other catchments than Kedron Brook. They have been working often in Kedron Brook catchment; specifically at Cedar Creek (eastwards from Arbor Park), Bob Cassimaty Picnic Grounds and Keperra Picnic Grounds, all in Ferny Grove, and at Thomsett Park in Ferny Hills. An article by Andrew Burrows gives additional information to that on our MOTT website that covers these areas. MOTT also maintains a site at Thomsett Park off Olakuna Cresent, Ferny Hills.