Welcome to Kedron Brook Catchment Branch’s hub for ongoing projects! Here you will find information on our latest initiatives aimed at preserving and enhancing habitat value and ecological health of Kedron Brook catchment.

Bird Observation Walks

Discover avian wonders of Kedron Brook our Monthly Bird Observation Guided Walks! Join us for a leisurely stroll through diverse habitats of catchment area as we search for feathered inhabitants. Led by experienced bird enthusiasts, these walks offer a unique opportunity to spot a variety of bird species, from colorful lorikeets to majestic raptors.

Whether you’re a seasoned birder or a novice nature enthusiast, our guided walks provide an educational and enjoyable experience for all ages. Learn about local bird identification, behavior, and conservation while exploring beauty of Kedron Brook’s natural landscapes.

Come birdwatching us and connect rich avifauna of Kedron Brook Catchment.

Bushcare Groups

Riparian restoration focuses on revitalising riparian zones along banks of Kedron Brook. Riparian zone play a critical role maintaining water quality, stablising banks and providing habitat for flora and fauna. The group supports many bushcare groups operating in catchment by providing administrative support, attending working bees and undertaking joint projects groups. Check out Bushcare Groups for your local group!

Water Quality Monitoring Program

Ensuring water quality of Kedron Brook is essential for health of both ecosystem and communities that rely on it. Our Water Quality Monitoring Program involves regular testing of water samples from various points along brook. Through regular sampling and analysis we monitor parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, nutrient levels, and microbial content, we can identify potential sources of pollution and take proactive advocacy measures to address them.

Join us in this vital effort to protect and preserve our precious water resources. Whether you’re a scientist, nature enthusiast, or concerned citizen, your involvement in our Water Quality Monitoring Project makes a real difference. Together, let’s keep Kedron Brook’s waters clear, clean, and thriving for generations to come!

Fish Snapshot

Dive into aquatic wonders of Kedron Brook our Fish Snapshot Project! As stewards of this urban ecosystem, we’re on a mission to document diverse fish species that call Kedron Brook home. Through citizen science and collaborative efforts, we’re capturing snapshots of brook’s fish population to better understand their habitats, behaviors and ecological roles.

Join us in this exciting endeavor as we explore underwater world of Kedron Brook, uncovering its hidden treasures and contributing valuable data to conservation efforts. Whether you’re an experienced angler or simply passionate about protecting our waterways, there’s a place for you in our Fish Snapshot Project. Together, let’s make a splash for fish conservation in Kedron Brook!

Brisbane Northside Glider Monitoring Program

Embark on a journey to protect unique biodiversity of Brisbane’s northside our Glider Monitoring Project! Join us in surveying and studying elusive glider population that inhabits Kedron Brook catchment area and beyond. By monitoring these enchanting creatures, we gain insights into their habitat preferences, behaviors and conservation needs.

As guardians of our local ecosystems, we invite you to get involved in this important initiative. Whether you’re an avid nature lover, aspiring biologist, or dedicated environmentalist, your participation in our Glider Monitoring Project helps safeguard future of these charismatic marsupials. Together, let’s ensure a bright and sustainable future for gliders and their habitats in Kedron Brook through actions of restoring natural habitats, installing and monitoring nest boxes and advocating for wildlife-friendly movement solutions across Brisbane.

Kedron Brook Catchment Branch has set up a Containers for Change account to raise money to invest in more Glider Nest Boxes. If you are interested in expanding this program please donate funds from your container recycling to:


proceeds will be used to purchase glider nest boxes.

Community Engagement Initiatives

Engaging community is key to success of our conservation efforts. Through workshops, educational programs and community events, we aim to raise awareness about importance of looking after Kedron Brook catchment. These initiatives also provide opportunities for local residents to get involved in hands-on conservation activities, such as tree planting, litter clean-ups and citizen science projects.

Get Involved!

Are you passionate about environmental conservation and looking for ways to make a difference in community? Join us in our efforts to protect, preserve and enhance Kedron Brook catchment! Whether you’re interested in volunteering, attending educational events, or simply learning more about our projects, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Together, we can work towards a healthier and more sustainable future for generations to come.

Stay tuned for updates on our current projects and upcoming events! For more information or to get involved, please contact us at Thank you for your support!