Northside Squirrel Glider Monitoring Project

Squirrel Gliders are officially ‘threatened’ in every state in Australia where they occur, except Queensland where their classification is in need of review.  Squirrel Gliders face a particular problem in that a family typically roosts together in a tree hollow, large hollows required.  However, to avoid predation and competition from other animals, they also need a small entrance (40mm in diameter).

Thanks to funding from Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor’s Sustainability and Environment Grant (ENV00231), KBCB Northside Squirrel Glider Monitoring Project aims to monitor five council owned bushland reserves to determine presence of Squirrel Gliders.  The major aims include:

Shannon Mooney preparing Squirrel Glider Nest Boxes for Boondall Western Extension Bushland Reserve
  1. Glider Nest Boxes – installation, monitoring and maintenance of glider nest boxes
  2. Purchase monitoring tools (infra-red monitoring camera and photo monitoring pole) to conduct nest box monitoring and undertake community spotlighting events
  3. Communicate and develop a network of like-minded groups who wish to monitor occupancy of installed nest boxes
  4. Coordinate a Community Awareness Day on Squirrel Glider in order to increase public awareness of Gliders in Brisbane.

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